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What & who - Dans met een druppeltje dauw

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So refreshing a misted lawn in the morning can feel,
so refreshing and surprising is the taste of our performances.

  • What - Nat Gras
    What - Dans met een druppeltje dauw


Since its founding in 2002, Nat Gras has been presenting performances for very young audiences: mainly toddlers, with at times a side-step to slightly older children.

Performances that surprise, amaze and delight both the children and the accompanying adults.

In addition, we also guide dancers with a disability in their dance development and thus contribute to a more inclusive dance scene.

In short, we like to dance for a very particular audience and with extraordinary dancers.

  • Who - Nat Gras
    Who - Dans met een druppeltje dauw


Goele Van Dijck has been, from the very start, the artistic engine of Nat Gras. She conjures up performances and dance projects from a strong inner drive. She looks for a suitable team for each project and alternately holds the function of choreographer, dancer, driver, …

Kosmonaut Production sends – at the start of each project – Lena Meckler our way. She ensures that the numbers are correct, that the planning is made and that everyone knows the where and when.

Thassos ensures that our performances can tour and that we become world-famous in Flanders.

Our dance performances are currently being subsidized by the city of Antwerp and the Flemish Community.