Time to play

Age 6+

Me in my swimming trunks:
next to the pool,
not in it.

My cat can do it
even without a swimming suit
she stays for 14 counts
under the surface.

Time to play

In Time to play, the dancers dissect the playfulness, vulnerability, sense of humour and cruelty in each child.

Life as a huge playground: where you can win, lose, hide, countdown, seek and cheat.

Theatre full of movement and images for everybody from six on!

The dancers knows how to mix the childhood and themselves through their acts and games. Their time to play gives the leeway to differ from the roles, to differ from each other. This gives a pleasant tension. Tuur Devens for Teatermaggezien, March 2010.

Creation: Jan Martens
Dance and play: Jan Martens / Roger Vinas and Andreia Rodrigues
Coaching: Goele Van Dijck
Costumes: Olivier Waelkens

Coproduction: the coöperationplatform of Cultuurcentrum Hasselt and Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht, with the support of the city of Antwerp and Cultural Centre of Merksem.

This performance premiered in 2010 and played in Flanders and France.