Age 2,5+


What a block of concrete is for a car
is a puddle of mud for a bike
and a dog for the woman next door.

Turn around, sidestep or continue straight ahead?
Roadblocks are determining the path of the dancers.
Or who is blocking whom?

A dance performance of Nat Gras that delights toddlers and grown-ups alike.

Dance: Martina Griewank and Christine Sollie
Choreography: Goele Van Dijck and dancers
Music: Wannes Deneer
Scenografy: Katie Lagast
Costumes: Lies Maréchal
Light design: Anne Straetmans
Production management: Kosmonaut Production

With the support of the Flemish Government and the city of Antwerp.

Thanks to Cultural Centre Berchem and Destelheide Dharts.

This performance premiered in 2015 and toured in Flanders, Italy and Portugal.