Age | families with children from 4 to 12 years old

In this exhibition nothing is like it used to be.
I mean, like it was at the start.

And you are no longer looking the same way.
I mean, like you were looking at the start.

You don't even listen the way you used to.
I mean, like you were listening at the start.

Start and stop, because looking is seeing and listening is hearing.
And doïng? To do is to dare!

Gradually, the rules that are customary for an exhibition fade away. Is this possible? Is that allowed?
Open your eyes and ears because before you know what you see or what you hear has disappeared.


“Expo-0h!” Is a special exhibition. The installations consist of everyday recognizable materials, the interventions of the dancers are not! Objects move and installations appear. Performers change the installations, they direct your gaze and encourage you to take action.

The result: an interactive visual interplay!
What was, what is and what will be …

Concept: Goele Van Dijck
Movement: Isabella Arboleda, Elliot Minogeu Stone, Pauline Thuriot en Goele Van Dijck
Image: Bart Van Aken en Goele Van Dijck
Coaching music: Bart Van Aken

Productie: Nat Gras

With the support of the Flemish Government

Expo-Oh will premiere in July 2021.

The playlist you can find HERE