Age 2,5+


Walls and fences enclose, unfold and simply are. They take up more and more space and gradually become the playground of 2 dancers. These dancers discover hiding corners, peek walls and peepholes .. and each other. Inside becomes outside, and vice versa.

The audience first sees and experiences how the dancers manipulate the installation, gradually they are invited to explore the walls high and low.

“MuurtjeMuurtje is a soft and pleasant visual installation that comes to motion through sounds and through the dancers. A journey of discovery, which you first look at, and which lets a serene peace flow over you.”

“MuurtjeMuurtje” is a nice and cosy build-installation who moves on the energy of the music and the dancers. A discovery, where you first are watching and which brings you in a peacefull flow.” (Tuur Devens,

Dance: Goele Van Dijck, Sumalin Gijsbrechts / Katja Pire
Concept: Goele Van Dijck
Installation: Denise Cecile
Music: Kobe Proesmans
Costumes: Anne-Marthe Zomer
Technician: Bart Embrechts

With the support of: The Interlimburgse Subsidies, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht, the city of Antwerp and the Cultural Centre Luchtbal.

MuurtjeMuurtje premiered in 2011 at the Krokusfestival in Hasselt. They played in Flanders and international festivals in Bologna and Boekarest.