The stiltwalker

Age 3+

The stiltwalker

A young man makes huge stilts out of his small wooden house and departs on a journey through the whole wide world. He walks high above the trees of a gigantic pine forest, he wades through the endless depth of The Pacific Ocean… The Grand Canyon glows in bright orange, at the North Pole everything is icy blue…

And everywhere it is busy, busy, busy.

During his fantastic journey through the world the stilt walker meets the most amusing characters. And, in the end? In the end, he will come back home safely. So much richer, so much wiser and more colorful than before.

A contemporary dance performance with puppets, based on the book of the same name by Mattias De Leeuw.

Dance: Miguel Do Vale and Martina Griewank
Choreography: Goele Van Dijck
Music: Frank Vaganée
Puppets: Paul Contryn
Technician: Dominique Defossez
Production: Kosmonaut Productions
Coproduction: Beeldsmederij DE MAAN

With the support of: P2, cc Hasselt and Theater a/h Vrijthof Maastricht i.k.v. interlimburgse subsidies, The Flemish Governement and the city of Antwerp.

The performance went in premiere in 2014 at the Krokusfestival / Hasselt and played in Flanders and Germany.