Age 2,5+

feel feel
feel your skin
rootle, rootle
in your hair
big hank
total “shrank”
long legs
are gone by now


For young children, both skin and hair belong to the daily discoveries around me and you. My arm is brown, and yours? I have blonde curls, and you?

A starry sky of freckles, a shiver with goosebumps, the crease of a laughing wrinkle… Once we get older, skin and hair really become a part of our identity. In heel-huids, the interior and exterior world merge effortlessly, resulting in a surprising performance full of strong images about identity.

Dance: Samuel Baidoo, Goele Van Dijck and Inez Verhille
Choreography: Goele Van Dijck & dancers
Music: Jochem Baelus
Scenography and costumes: Nikè Moens
Light design: Frank Haesevoets
Technician: Lies Van Loock
Coaching: Karolien Verlinden
Production management: Kosmonaut Production

With the support of: City of Antwerp, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, HET LAB, cc Hasselt, ccB, STUK
Heel-huids premiered in March 2019 at the Krokusfestival in Hasselt. The coming dates of this performance you can find HERE.

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