Dans op Wandel

Age 4+

A walk to soak up

as a line of culture

in nature.

Dans op Wandel

“Dans op Wandel” is a surprising introduction to contemporary dance and a (re) discovery of the nature in your neighborhood.

It is a walk where dance and music appears where you don’t expect it. An invitation to discover, to be surprised, to look and listen differently.
What’s rustling there? Who will show up there? Dancers appear and disappear back into nature. This sensory pampering walk combines cultural experience in a pleasant way with the current urge for more connection with nature.

Creation and dance: Caroline Cornélis, Caroline D’Haese, Claire Goldfarb, Hernán Mancebo Martinez, Miko Shimura

Guide: Goele Van Dijck

Production: Nat Gras/ Company Nyash

With the support of the Flemish Government.

This walking-performance premiered in April 2021.

Upcoming dates you can find here.