Age 2,5+

Moon in the sky.
Soap on your face.
A story in your ear
And a boy in bed.

And sheep?
Sheep jumps over the fence
1,2,3, can’t you see
Good night, sheep tight!


Sheeptight is a danceperformance about evening rituals followed by a sensorial playground.

Because the eyes won’t close before those little faces have been washed, the moon has been greeted, the story has been told and that favourite Teddy is close by.

Sheeptight is a heart-warming bedtime experience, which proves that dance for toddlers doesn’t have to mean that, like Kabouter Plop, you have to ‘swing your arms in the air and now walk like a goose’.
Liv Laveyne in De Morgen, February 2008

Nat Gras has produced a wonderfully warm and artistically honest dance performance for toddlers. A precious jewel. No small achievement! Tuur Devens for Theatermaggezien, February 2008

Dance: Mano Amaro, Jan Martens
Choreography: Goele Van Dijck and dancers
Sensorial playground: Goele Van Dijck and Yvonne Knevels
Concept: Goele Van Dijck
Technician: Bart Embrechts.

With the support of: Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, theater a/h Vrijthof Maastricht, the city of Antwerp, the Flemish Governement and Stichting Lezen.

This performance premiered in 2008 and played in Flanders, the Netherlands and international festivals in England, Austria, Germany and Italy.