Age 2,5+

Cluck cluck cluck says Chicken and Girl sings "Please come inside".
Cock and Sheep.
Cock is her alarm clock and Sheep is her coat.
And Cow?
Cow says moo and Boy jumps up.
Cow is Cow and
Cow is his friend.


Cowdmorning! is a visual dance performance for toddlers about farmyard animals with an accompanying sensorial playground.

The audience switches between watching and doing, leading to an optimal interaction between the players and the children.

Critics of performances for toddlers often ask themselves if there is a point in making pieces for a public that is not yet able to tell the difference between theatre and real life. But the people of Nat Gras have given serious thought when it comes to the matter of their very young audience. ‘Cowdmorning!’ is a theatrical adventure, which takes the children by the hand and gently stimulates their senses.
Anita Twaalfhoven for Twee Turven Hoog, theatre festival for toddlers, 2006, Holland

Dance: Mano Amaro and Goele Van Dijck/ Serena Wuytack
Concept: Goele Van Dijck
Coaching: Eric Vanthillo
Technician: Elke Verachtert

With the support of: the City of Antwerp.

Cowdmorning! premiered in 2005 and toured in Flanders and the Netherlands.