Age 6+

is a heartbeat,
the beat of a pop song.

Two is a rhythm, a spatial pattern, an everyday walk.

It is a road that divides into possible paths.
It's a father and a son, or a mother and a son, or a mother and a mother.

They are fighting bulls or two trees that slowly but steadily grow together towards the light.
They are those two who share their unique, intimate and open friendship with the public.


In Wijtwee / nosotrosdos, Hernan Mancebo Martinez and Samuel Baidoo create a performance in which they explore through image and movement what the number two can mean. How can you be yourself in each other’s presence? Or what does it mean to be in pairs, not to feel alone, to sing, to be silent, to fight, to dance, to laugh or to argue?

Wijtwee / nosotrosdos is a performance that takes you into an associative universe full of dance, images and sound. The result; a performance for children that also appeals to parents and adults. Or a performance for adults that also appeals to children?

Creation and dance: Hernán Mancebo Martinez & Samuel Baidoo
Scenography: Hanne Holvoet
Music: Simon Beeckaert
Projections: Hanne Holvoet & Joris de Froidmont
Light design: Domien De Roover
Coaching: Goele Van Dijck
Production: Nat Gras
Production management: Kosmonaut

With thanks to: BARRY - Karel Tuytschaever, Bart Van Dessel, Michel Vandevelde en Hanafubuki
With the support of: Stad Antwerpen, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, ccBe, STUK, CC De Faktorij, Playground, Liers Cultuurcentrum

This performance premiered in February 2021.
Upcoming dates you can find HERE.