Age 3+


On a stage full of grass plays a piano ‘til … an appel tumbles across its keys.
And another one, and another one,. …
Apples are picked and danced to their own beat. They are harvested and peeled. And when the peel breaks, the song stops. While everybody gets a piece of apple, the piano continues to sing. This is how Pommeliere ends as a concert with a juicy dessert; a treat for eyes, ears and taste.

The performance has given me jitters to get started with the children in the classroom. This was really top. Lisa De Leeuw

First I was particularly fascinated by all open mouths of the toddlers but immediately afterwards I lost myself in the performance. It was delicious. Dorine De Vos

Dance: Dafne Maes and Anne Marie Honggokoesoemo
Piano: Ilse Stroobant
Choreography: Goele Van Dijck and dancers
Music: Filip Bral
Scenography and light design: Jef Loots
Technician: Peter Lauwers
Coproduction: Music-theatre Pantalone

With the support of: the city of Antwerp, The Province of Antwerp and the Flemish Governement.

Pommeliere premiered in 2013 and was touring in Flanders, Groot-Hertogdom Luxemburg and Holland.